La Paz

La Paz Bolivia Panorama View

Nuestra Senora de La Paz, or simply La Paz, is located at an impressive altitude of 3,660 m above sea level. Although Sucre is the judicial capital of Bolivia, La Paz is the country’s largest city and centre for commerce and finance and industry. The city is surrounded by mountains which – depending on weather conditions – create amazing panoramic views. On a clear day you can see the beautiful, snowy Illimani mountain in the background of the city.

A Different Kind of Beauty

It’s not necessarily a beautiful city at first sight, or according to usual standards of beautiful cities. But La Paz has lots of character and some sort of really quirky beauty. For lots of impressions of La Paz, view this post. There are lovely coffee shops (with WiFi!) and quaint little alleys with lots of craft shops. It’s also fun to wander through La Paz’s lively markets and discover what the city’s museums offer. And of course try to chat with the super friendly local people (sorry, non-Spanish speakers, this will be hard for you!).

Make sure you go up to the Mirador Killi Killi for breathtaking views of La Paz. Choose a day with a clear sky to see the beautiful mountains in the background. Also visit the Moon Valley (Valle de la Luna) with its impressive rock formations. Both tours can be in half a day after a late breakfast so you will be back in time for dinner.

Valle de la Luna La Paz

Bring Warm Clothes

Because of the high altitude of La Paz, bring some warm clothes with you just in case. Depending on the time of the year it may be quite chilly outside. If your luggage allows for extra gear, pack your trekking stuff. La Paz is surrounded by mountains and there are lots of trekking tours and also mountain biking tours to choose from. For experiencing an altitude of 5,400 m, book a tour to the Chacaltaya Mountain which is an incredibly beautiful journey (you can go up by bus).

Bus Tour To the Chacaltaya Mountain La Paz

Things to do in La Paz – click on any of the photos below to view the whole post :)

Mirador Killi KilliValle De La Luna La PazChacaltaya Mountain Bolivia

And for more photos of La Paz, click here!

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