I visited Cuba for the first time in October 2015 as part of the five months Americas trip. We spent almost two weeks in Cuba before heading over to Mexico. Arriving in Mexico after our Cuba stay was like entering the modern world again with stylish cafes, awesome restaurants, all set in a shopping paradise. Everyone who has been to Mexico knows that while this holds for a number of places in Mexico it is not necessary the first association that comes to your mind when thinking of Mexico. Well, but let me tell you. After having spent just a bit of time in Cuba without any of the so taken-for-granted technology and products, I embraced Mexico for its modern day amenities. Though it was also a great experience to live like set back decades in time in Cuba.

Personal ‘Interaction’ in Cuba

Cuba has a very laid back lifestyle and people actually ‘personally communicate’ with each other (who does such a thing these days!?). There is this one example when we got stuck with a huge bus in the field in the middle of nowhere. It’s not that you can check online what to do or whom to call. No internet.. Cuba. After a while there was a tractor coming by to help us. No success. So the tractor person drove on promising to find someone on the way or in the next village to come by to help us. Apparently he found someone who owned a truck and drove to us. He managed to pull us out and even some random Cubans that were walking past came by to help as well.  Amazing ♡

Cuba Things to Do

Amazing Nature and Cultural Heritage

And apart from the incredibly friendly and lovely Cuban people, the country’s nature is really beautiful. I fell in love with the white sandy beaches. The water has bath tub temperature and you can just hang out there all day. There are still lots of beaches that are not crowded by tourists and it looks like in paradise. Then of course, there is so much culture and history in the Cuban cities. Just seeing all the old and colourful cars in Havana is something you will not see in any other place in the world. So Cuba is definitely worth seeing. And ideally, book your ticket now as Cuba will change so much during the next years. Just be open for the  Cuban experience and you will have an awesome time!

Cuba Things to Do


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