My first impression of Lima (the capital of Peru) years ago was bad. Very bad. It was unsafe and quite ugly. Not at all what I expected when I came to make Lima my home for 7 months. Immediately I regretted this ‘stupid’ plan of exploring the edges of my comfort zone to go somewhere entirely new and different.

But then… life starts outside your comfort zone :)

After three days though I met lots of new people in my student house and we started travelling before the university term started. We went to Huacachina where we hung out on the pool and did sand boarding in the desert which was lots of fun. When university started our international group finally got mixed with lots of Peruvians and the 7 months passed by much too fast.

Exploring Peru - Where to Go

Exploring Peru

During my stay in Peru I travelled to so many different places in the country, of some I had never heard before. We went to the Andes, the jungle, the beach, the desert, and explored so many remote little villages in the middle of nowhere. I absolutely fell in love with the country, its nature and its people. I even started to really like Lima. And when I came back to Lima after so many years and met my friends from university it felt like I had never left! I went surfing everyday in Miraflores and had the best time ever – again :) Nowadays Lima has changed so much and there are suddenly super hipster places in the city, so there are actually lots of tourists now in Lima. Quite a different picture to see so many gringos there haha. So, do add Lima to your Peru travel itinerary but make sure you have enough time left to explore Cusco and Machu Picchu, Arequipa and its breathtaking Colca Canyon, the jungle and the desert.

Where to Travel in Peru

I am still writing up my posts about Peru – there is so much still to come. So visit again for more! And for now, just click on the photos below to learn more about the different places to see in Peru :)

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