Sedona is a desert town in Arizona that is surrounded by red-rock buttes, canyon walls and pine forests. Sedona is quite famous for its New Age shops, SPAs and art galleries. There are lots of beautiful hiking trails from which you will have breathtaking panoramic views. We did a 5h loop trail and saw around 5 other hikers during that time, so it doesn’t seem to be that crowded and you can enjoy some solitude and peaceful time on your trail.

Vortex Energy in Sedona

If you are into the New Age stuff, book a session with a shaman to explore the vortex energy fields. We actually did join a private session with a shaman… and it was super interesting to learn about the shamanic beliefs and the local area. We also had a ‘meditation’ session at a spot that apparently had lots of vortex energy which will ring a bell if you are into energy healing. Well, I would not describe it as a life-changing-experience.. But it was an interesting walk through incredibly beautiful nature. And it was very peaceful as we sat there during sunset, meditated while the shaman was playing the drums in a gentle rhythm.

Sedona Vortex Energy Backpacking

That said, even if you haven’t quite yet discovered your chakras and energy fields..  like me, the beautiful red mountains around Sedona offer amazing spots for meditation and yoga. So add Sedona to your road trip list and spend a couple of days there. We arrived at Sedona coming from the Grand Canyon and headed to Pagosa Springs afterwards. I just looked at the map which reminded me so much on the fun road trip we did during the start of our 5 months Americas trip.. Gosh, time flies so badly, want to go back to do the whole trip again now!

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