A Trip to Wangerland – Minsen & Schillig

In September I spent some time back at home in Germany and took my granny to the north of the country to the Wangerland. Growing up in Germany I never really considered other parts of Germany as potential holiday destinations or at least there were not high up my priority list. That’s also why there are still many beautiful places in my home country that I haven’t visited yet. One of these places was the Wangerland in Germany’s Friesland.

If you are after a weekend in the middle of nowhere but with super fresh air and lots of happy sheep and cow, off you go, you will love Wangerland :)

Just note that there is not really any considerable amount of public transport, so come by car and rent a bicycle to explore the area.

There are also beautiful islands that can be visited by ferry. Make sure to bring lots of time with you though as things just take a lot longer here. This especially is the case for ferries that go according to the tides and weather..

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