Things to Do in Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City, also known by its former name Saigon, is the most populous city in Vietnam with a population of 9 million as of 2019. Located in southeastern Vietnam, the metropolis surrounds the Saigon River and covers about 2,061 square kilometres. Ho Chi Minh City is an amazing place full of vibrant chaos – in a good way. The traffic is a nightmare, though quite entertaining if you just accept it and join in; the food is incredibly yummy and cheap; there are lots of fancy sky bars with really good cocktails; lots of coffee places with the best coffee in the world (cà phê s?a ?á); lots of history and culture and the perfect hot climate. And for the ladies, there are countless SPAs for all sorts of massages and nail art designs! I spent around two months in Vietnam, staying in these apartments in Saigon, as I used Saigon as a hub for spending time between all the different places we visited.

Saigon traffic

I haven’t managed yet to write up all posts for Saigon, so below are just a fraction of suggestions and trips. Soon there will follow much more.

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