Vung Tau Back Beach – First Impressions

We are now in Vung Tau, Vietnam.

Bohoo, looks like there is not so much surfing going on :(.. Guess the surf culture / infrastructure is not that developed yet. Also, the beach is not really the prettiest in Vietnam.. But at least the water is a bit wavy which is fun too.

It’s a Monday today, so the beach is not crowded at all which is makes it a lot nicer! We arrived yesterday and there were lots of Vietnamese families having their own food and drinks on the beach. Plus at least half of the people went swimming almost fully dressed! Yeah, that’s was great beach vibe! Well at least now it’s pretty :)

Just had a Vietnamese coffee (which is just the best coffee EVER) and am hanging out on the pool. Turns out we have rented a scooter. So after a bit more of chilling on the pool & beach, it’s time to explore the area :)

So pretty now:


And less pretty and crowded on the weekend :



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