Where To Surf in Tenerife

Tenerife with its average temperature of between 22 and 28 degrees is perfect for a summer holiday and even better for a winter getaway (just 4h flight from rainy London). But not only the weather is a reason to visit Tenerife. The island has over a dozen surf spots and waves all year around.

Popular spots are Playa de Las Americas and Los Cristianos – though they are also very touristic and the water may be crowded with surf schools and other surfers. If you prefer some more quiet areas, you have to head up towards the north of the island.

When I was in Tenerife I went surfing in Playa de Las Americas – on a Saturday afternoon. Waves were good and although it’s not a real beach but rather reefy and rocky, the rocks are not the danger when you go surfing here. The danger comes from all the surf schools that are in there with all their total newbies who don’t know how to keep their boards in place. It was so packed, that I had to stop going for a wave so many times as someone simply decided to float 4m in front of me and just chill out. Like hellooo, wtf?! I’m sure you get the picture..

But ok, it was a Saturday afternoon.. The good thing about Playa de Americas is though that it is super easy to reach by car. You can literally park in front of the surf shop, rent your board and walk for 2mins down to the beach. The beach is not exactly pretty but it can’t get more convenient than this. And the surf is good. Just choose a less busy time of the day;)

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