How long does it take to get a visa to Egypt from Nigeria?

It could take up to four weeks to get the Egypt visa in Nigeria after document submission. The waiting period depends on the schedule of the Egypt embassy.

How long does it take to process Egypt visa in Nigeria?

Submission of Egypt visa in Nigeria requires physical presence and paperwork. Nigeria is not part of the countries qualified for Egypt’s e-visa. You must submit your passport and other supporting documents at the Egyptian embassy in Abuja and wait for their final decision. The processing time takes 3 weeks.

How much is Egyptian visa from Nigeria?

Egypt Visa fees

For nationals of: Single-entry tourist visa Multiple-entry business visa
The UK $30 $160
Nigeria Free of charge $70
South Africa Free of charge Free of charge
Zimbabwe Free of charge $70

How long does Egypt visa take to process?

Egypt e-Visa applications are usually processed within 5 business days. Travelers are advised to apply at least 7 days in advance of the intended departure to Egypt, in the rare case of delays. In many cases, visitors will receive their e-Visa for Egypt much sooner — perhaps within a day or two.

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Can a Nigerian get visa on arrival in Egypt?

Citizens of Egypt have an opportunity to apply for a Nigerian Tourist e-Visa on Arrival. The electronic visa program helps certain African nationals get a visa approval online without having to go to the consulate or embassy. The Nigerian Tourist e-Visa program is limited to certain African countries only.

Is it easy to get Egypt visa?

To apply for this Egypt e-Visa is very easy, you’ll just need to complete these following steps: Fill in with detail all your general information and choose the best processing time according to what you prefer. Review properly the first step and proceed with the payment so you can complete the whole process fast.

What documents do I need for Egypt visa?

Tourist Application Requirements for a Egypt Visa

  • Passport. You must provide your actual signed passport, including two copies of the personal information page of your passport. …
  • Photographs. …
  • VisaCentral Order Form. …
  • Visa Application Form. …
  • Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate. …
  • Visa Upon Arrival.

Is Egypt money bigger than Nigeria money?

The naira is the currency of Nigeria. It is subdivided into 100 kobo.

Quick Conversions from Egyptian Pound to Nigerian Naira : 1 EGP = 26.50022 NGN.

ج.م 1 ₦ 26.50
ج.م 5 ₦ 132.50
ج.م 10 ₦ 265.00
ج.م 50 ₦ 1,325.01

How long can I stay in Egypt?

The validity duration is 90 days and the maximum length of stay is 30 days each time you arrive in Egypt. If you have a multiple entry visa, you can travel into the country an unlimited number of times during the validity period of 90 days.

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Does Egypt require Covid test?

Yes. All passengers travelling to Egypt (including Egyptians) must be in possession of negative PCR test certificate for COVID-19 with Quick Response (QR) code, taken at a maximum of 72 hours before their flight departure time.

How much does it cost to get a visa to Egypt?

U.S. citizens must have a visa to enter Egypt. U.S. citizens can obtain a renewable single-entry 30-day tourist visa on arrival at Egyptian airports for a 25 USD fee. A multiple entry visa is also obtainable for 60 USD.

How much is an Egyptian visa online?

The Egypt e-Visa cost depends on the type of visa. A government single-entry e-Visa costs $25, and the government multiple-entry visa price is $60.

Who can enter Egypt without visa?

Visa Not Required

Additionally, most foreign citizens who are relatives of Egyptians, whether children or spouses who have proof of marriage, are visa-exempt for the country. In order to cross the Egyptian border without a visa, it is usually necessary to present an eligible passport valid for at least 6 months.

How much is Egypt visa UK?

Application fees

Single Single
UK and all other Nationalities that are not listed below £22 £88
Cyprus Denmark, Finland, Norway, Russia, Serbia, Sweden, and USA £9 £9
Germany £14 £14