How many tours did Michael Jackson go on?

Michael performed 82 concerts to an audience of over 4.5 Million Fans in 58 cities, 35 countries and 5 continents. The Average number of people that attended one of these concerts was 54,878.

How many tours did Michael Jackson do?

Michael Jackson has 424 concerts

Date Concert Location
Jul 19, 1997 Michael Jackson Dublin, Leinster, Ireland
Jul 17, 1997 History Michael Jackson London, England, United Kingdom
Jul 17, 1997 Michael Jackson – History World Tour 1997 Michael Jackson London, England, United Kingdom
Jul 15, 1997 King of Pop Michael Jackson

What tours did Michael Jackson go on?

Michael Jackson

  • 1987-1989 – Bad World Tour – September 12, 1987 to January 27, 1989 – 123 – performances (Worldwide)
  • 1992-1993 – Dangerous World Tour – June 27, 1992 to November 11, 1993 – 69 – performances (Worldwide)
  • 1996-1997 – HIStory World Tour – September 7, 1996 to October 15, 1997 – – 83 performances (Worldwide)
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What was Michael Jackson’s biggest tour?

The Bad tour was later recognized as the most-highly attended and highest-earning tour of all time, having grossed over $125 million. The 69 concert dates of the Dangerous World Tour attracted more than 4 million fans.

Why did Michael Jackson stop touring?

Entertainer Michael Jackson abruptly canceled the remaining dates of his world tour Friday, announcing that “horrifying” allegations of child molestation have caused him to become addicted to painkillers and have left him “physically and emotionally exhausted.”

Did Michael Jackson like to tour?

Absolutely not . Michael Jackson had not been at a physical state to perform in years. He hardly made it through his History Tour and he never went on another tour since 1997 mostly due to health issues. In fact, he wanted to cancel the History tour but he didn’t so as not to let down his fans.

Did Michael Jackson do a thriller tour?

Most came to see Michael, whose album Thriller was dominating the popular music world at the time. Many consider it to be his Thriller tour, with most of the songs on the set list coming from his Thriller and Off the Wall albums.

Victory Tour (The Jacksons tour)

Tour by the Jacksons
Box office US $75 million ($187 million in 2020 dollars)

How much did Michael Jackson tickets cost?

$100.00 is the average price you can expect to pay for Michael Jackson Tribute Concert tickets. Some shows have tickets listed for as little as $51.00 a ticket. VIP Michael Jackson Tribute Concert tickets and meet-and-greet packages are always the most expensive option.

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When did Michael Jackson perform at Aintree?

Tour dates

Date City Venue
September 11, 1988 Liverpool Aintree Racecourse
North America
September 26, 1988 Pittsburgh Civic Arena

What was BTS biggest concert?

BTS made its return to the stage for the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic with four shows at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, Calif. Wrapping last night, Dec. 2, the South Korean superstars boast the biggest Boxscore total by any act in nearly a decade.

Which singer has the biggest crowd at a concert?

GLAY held the record for 6 years. Italian singer Vasco Rossi surpassed McCartney’s record with his solo concert on July 1, 2017. The concert was a celebration of his 40 years of career.

Single-artist concerts.

Artist Vasco Rossi •
Venue Parco Enzo Ferrari
City Modena
Title Modena Park 2017
Attendance 225,173

What concert has the largest crowd?

Copacabana New Year’s Eve Concert 1994/1995

British rock singer Rod Stewart proved that better than anyone else on New Year’s Eve 1994/1995. His free New Year’s Eve concert attracted a bit more than 3.5 million people that year, making it the biggest concert of all time.

Why did Michael Jackson always mention Jermaine?

On the Motown special, Michael refers to his memories of performing with “all my brothers, including Jermaine”, because they had just performed together for the first time in years.

What was the name of the tour that Michael Jackson was going to perform before his death?

This Is It (concert residency)

Venue The O2 Arena
Associated album This Is It
Start date July 13, 2009 (proposed)
End date March 6, 2010 (proposed)
Michael Jackson concert chronology
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When did Michael Jackson stop touring?

Michael Jackson made his final public appearance at an announcement for his ‘This Is It’ Tour in front of a crowd of screaming fans in London on March 3, 2009.