What are the 4 sectors of tourism?

The hospitality industry is vast and can be broken down into separate sectors. The top four sectors consist of; ‘Food and Beverage’, ‘Accommodation’, ‘Travel and Tourism’ and ‘Entertainment and Recreation’. Although the industry is segmented, there is significant overlap to improve customer experience.

What are the 4 sectors of tourism industry?

Tourism Industry: Everything You Need to Know About Tourism

  • Transportation.
  • Accommodation.
  • Food and Beverage.
  • Entertainment.
  • Connected Industries.

What are the 4 main sectors of hospitality and tourism?

The 11 sectors of the hospitality industry:

  • Accommodation. The Accommodation sector includes everything from local small B&Bs, to hotels and hostels, and house share like Airborne and Couch-surf. …
  • Food & Beverage. …
  • Travel & Transportation. …
  • Tourism. …
  • Meetings and Events. …
  • Attractions. …
  • 7. Entertainment. …
  • Recreation.

What are the 5 main tourism sector?

To this point we have learned about the five sectors of tourism: transportation, accommodation, food and beverage, recreation and entertainment, and travel services.

What are the sectors of tourism all about?

Tourism Industry Services

In addition to the hotels, the whole tourism industry, all the businesses and companies that provide services to and for travelers, also includes restaurants, attractions, and various modes of transportation for the travelers. Travel is a big business with many options available for travelers.

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What are the main sectors of tourism in the Philippines?


  • 5.1 Beaching and diving.
  • 5.2 Hiking.
  • 5.3 Research and education.
  • 5.4 Arts and crafts tourism.
  • 5.5 Pilgrimage.
  • 5.6 Festivals.
  • 5.7 Wellness tourism.

Is tourism a tertiary sector?

Tourism. 2. Tertiary Sector Transport Tourism Trade Telecommunications Banking Education and Culture Healthcare System Others (lower-end tertiary sector): domestic work; street vending…

What are the 5 sectors of the hospitality and catering industry?

The hospitality industry is vast, covering everything from catering, hotels and retail to sports centres, conference venues and casinos.

What Are The 4 Different Sectors of The Hospitality Industry?

  • Food and Beverage. …
  • Travel and Tourism. …
  • Lodging (Temporary Accommodation) …
  • 4. Entertainment and Recreation.

What are the sectors in hospitality?

The four main hospitality industry sectors

  • 1 Entertainment and recreation.
  • 2 Food and beverage (F&B)
  • 3 Lodging.
  • 4 Travel & tourism.
  • The truth within the name.
  • Improved customer retention.
  • Great brand reputation.
  • Rewarding industry to work in.

How many sectors are there in hospitality industry?

701 Hotels and Motels, including auto courts, bed and breakfast inns, cabins and cottages, casino hotels, hostels, hotels (except residential ones), inns furnishing food and lodging, motels, recreational hotels, resort hotels, seasonal hotels, ski lodges and resorts, tourist cabins and tourist courts.

What are the 3 sectors of tourism?

The tourism sector is divided into three Sub-Sectors: accommodation, Hospitality and related Services, and Travel and distribution Systems. There are many opportunities for the supply of goods and services in the accommodation Sub-Sector as compared to the other two Sub-Sectors.

What are the 8 tourism categories?

Pages in category “Types of tourism”

  • Accessible tourism.
  • Agritourism.
  • Alternative tourism.
  • Archaeological tourism.
  • Atomic tourism.
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