You asked: Can I work in Germany with family reunion visa?

Can I Work While on My Germany Family Reunion Visa? You will be eligible to work in Germany if the relative you are joining fulfils the following requirements: Has an EU Blue Card. Has a residence permit that authorises them to work.

Can my wife work on family reunion visa in Germany?

According to German law every adult that comes to Germany on a Family Reunion visa and settles, should be permitted to work. However, there are a few conditions that the relative they are joining shall meet, as follows: He/she has a residence permit authorizing employment for themselves.

Can I work on spouse visa in Germany?

Even if you are a third-country national, if your spouse is a citizen of a member state of the EU or EEA, they are entitled to freedom of movement and can therefore live and work in Germany without restrictions. All they need to enter the country is a national identity card.

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Can a family member of a foreign student work in Germany?

Can a family member of a foreign student work in Germany? Yes. Holders of a German family visa can get a paid job in Germany if they have the right age and qualification for the job.

How long is family reunion visa in Germany?

As soon as the application has been approved by the German authority, the Embassy/Consulate will issue a national visa for the first 90 days of the intended stay. A final residence permit for a longer period (usually the first year of studies in Germany) will be issued upon arrival by the Aliens’ Authority.

What is German D visa?

A D-Visa for employment enables you to travel to Germany and apply for a residence permit with the local immigration office (“Ausländerbehörde”) or pursue an economic activity during the validity of the visa.

How long does family reunion visa take?

You should get a decision 12 weeks once you attend your appointment at the visa application centre, if you are applying for family reunion with a refugee or person with humanitarian protection.

Can dependents work in Germany?

If a dependent can find a job in Germany, he or she can work. There won’t be any changes in the Residence Permit of the dependent. Yet, the dependent needs to get a separate work permit from the concerned authority. The Immigration Office issues the Work Permit based on your job contract.

Can I bring my family to Germany?

German citizens or citizens from non-EU countries who have a Aufenthaltserlaubnis (residence permit) or a Niederlassungserlaubnis (settlement permit) are allowed to bring their relatives to Germany. … To enter Germany, the relatives require a visa; to continue to stay, they require a residence permit.

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How can I convert my dependent visa to work permit in Germany?

The dependent can work in Germany if they can find a job. The dependent doesn’t have to make any changes to the residence permit. The only extra document they might need to start work is the work permit. You can approach the immigration office for the work permit with the job contract.

Can my wife work while I study in Germany?

Spouses/Husbands accompanying foreign students may, under certain conditions, be permitted to work. If you are planning on having your husband or wife accompany you during your studies in Germany and hope they’ll be allowed to work, they must fully disclose their intention to work when applying for the visa.

Is there an age limit to study in Germany?

No, there is no age limit to applying to study programs in Germany. In fact, Germany is known to have a reputation for having the continent’s oldest graduates – on average 28 years old.

Can you bring your family on student visa?

Yes, you may be able to bring your spouse or common-law partner, and dependent children, with you to Canada.

How can I get appointment for Germany family reunion visa?

To schedule a German national visa appointment in New Delhi jurisdiction, contact the VFS on 022 67866013 or email them at You can also schedule the appointment online through the website of the German Embassy in New Delhi.