Best answer: Can Tourist work in Bahamas?

Non-Bahamian nationals who are desirous of working and living in The Bahamas for a period greater than 90 days, must first be authorized to do so by way of a valid work permit issued by the Department of Immigration. Persons wishing to work for up to 90 days must apply for a short term work permit.

Do I need a visa to work in The Bahamas?

Any non-Bahamian national wishing to work in The Bahamas for up to 90 days must apply for a short term work permit / visa from the Department of Immigration. If the vacant position is for a period longer than this, you should apply for a long term work permit / visa.

How long can a foreigner stay in The Bahamas?

For visits NOT exceeding 30 days: An original Alien Registration Card (Green Card) is required, along with a national passport (passport from country of birth). For visits exceeding 30 days: A valid national passport and a Bahamas visa are required for U.S. resident non-citizens wishing to stay longer than 30 days.

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Is there work in Bahamas?

Most people working in the Bahamas are employed in the tourism or international banking sector, and these industries are the major driving forces behind the economy. In fact, tourism (as well as construction and manufacturing related to the tourism sector) makes up about 80%of the national GDP.

How do you get a permit in The Bahamas?

Applicants must apply in person. Submit form and supporting documents to the Road Traffic Department (Note: processing can begin at age 16 years and 11 months, however permit will not be issued until the applicant is 17 years old). Submit form, fee and supporting documents to the Clerk at the Road Traffic Department.

How can I legally work in the Bahamas?

Persons wishing to work for up to 90 days must apply for a short term work permit / visa. Complete the application form. Notarize completed form, affixing a BS$10.00 stamp. Attach the completed and notarized form to the supporting documents and submit to the Department of Immigration.

How much is Bahamas visa fee?

Visa Classifications

Visa Classification Fee Validity Period
H-2R $300.00 12 Months 3
H-3 None 12 Months 3
H-4 $20.00 12 Months 3
I None 60 Months

Can I extend my tourist visa in Bahamas?

An electronic extension on visitors’ stay may be granted to applicants who qualify. Please note that this process in no way nullifies the usual process that requires applicants to be interviewed in person by the extension officer.

How much is rent in Bahamas?

A single person estimated monthly costs are 1,124$ without rent. Cost of living in Bahamas is, on average, 20.37% higher than in United States. Rent in Bahamas is, on average, 16.37% lower than in United States.

Cost of Living in Bahamas.

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Restaurants Edit
Basic (Electricity, Heating, Cooling, Water, Garbage) for 915 sq ft Apartment 258.27$

How do I become a permanent resident of the Bahamas?

Qualifications. In order to qualify to apply for Economic Permanent Residence, the individual must be 18 years or older and own a residence or make an investment of such a kind so prescribed, in The Bahamas or a combination thereof which exceeds the current threshold of $750,000.

What jobs are in demand in Bahamas?

The Job Market

As such, foreign nationals aspiring to work in The Bahamas can look into the industries of tourism, financial services and engineering, as these industries have the highest demand for workers. Agriculture and fisheries also provide employment for locals and expats in this country.

What is the highest paying job in the Bahamas?

Here’s a quick look at the top ten highest paying jobs in Nassau County:

  • Family and General Practitioners.
  • Internists, General.
  • Dentists, General.
  • Chief Executives.
  • Physicians and Surgeons, All Other.
  • Psychiatrists.
  • Sales Managers.
  • Marketing Managers.

How long does it take to get a work permit in Bahamas?

Processing Time

Once the actual application has been accurately and completely submitted, applicant should contact the Consultation Unit at 604-0241/2 within a 8 to 12 week period for an update of the process of the application.

Is Bahamas part of USA?

The Bahamas achieved independence from Britain July 10, 1973, and is now a fully self-governing member of the Commonwealth and a member of the United Nations, the Caribbean Community and the Organisation of American States.

What is the speed limit in the Bahamas?

Notwithstanding the provisions of regulation 2 hereof, the speed limit of thirty miles per hour shall be observed by all motor vehicles wherever it is so indicated by traffic signs. 4.

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