Is return ticket compulsory for Singapore tourist visa?

Travellers must have confirmed onward or return ticket and enough money to cover the expenses of their visit to Singapore. Furthermore, they must have valid documents (including visas, if required) to their onward destinations.

Can I enter Singapore without a return ticket?

Visitors travelling on the ATP do not need a return flight ticket to enter Singapore. However, they are advised to check with the relevant authorities on the procedures and approval needed to return to their country/region of departure, or to enter their onward destination.

Is return ticket mandatory for tourist visa?

Travel agents confirmed reports that a new law has been enforced by the Naturalisation and Residency Department asking individuals and firms, who want to get a visit visa, to submit copy of the return ticket to the Department. … “Yes.

Is return ticket required?

If you’re travelling to the US with an US airline, you’ll be asked to provide a return ticket. In some cases, if you’re travelling without a return ticket, you may also be obligated to buy one to be allowed to board the plane.

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Can Singapore tourist visa be rejected?

Presenting a damaged or invalid passport is one of the main reasons for a Singapore visa rejection. Make sure your passport is valid for at least six months from the date of return date with two blank pages. Applying for a Singapore visa in spite of having a valid Singapore visa will lead to rejection.

How long can a tourist stay in Singapore?

It is normally between 14 to 30 days. Regardless of the length of stay granted, visitors may request for an extension of stay by applying in person at the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority before the expiry of the visa granted.

Can Singaporeans return to Singapore now?

All Singapore Citizens (SC) and Permanent Residents (PR) can return to Singapore under the Returning SC/PR Lane without the need to apply for an entry approval, but prevailing measures outlined on this page will apply.

Can you travel with a one way ticket?

So while you can technically travel on a one-way ticket, they also need some kind of official return ticket confirmation showing that you are leaving the country eventually. They won’t necessarily care where that ticket goes, just as long as it’s out of their country.

How can I check my return ticket?


  1. Visit the website for the airline on which you have booked a flight.
  2. Click on the link from the homepage that says “Flight Status.”
  3. Type your booked flight number into the box and click on the “Check Status” or “Go” button.

How does onward ticket work?

Onward ticket is basically a flight reservation from legit travel agencies that helps you with visa applications or simply entering a country without needing a high priced return ticket. Again, many countries require a valid visa and proof that you are leaving again the country within a certain time frame.

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What is proof of return travel?

Proof of onward travel (often referred to as proof of returning travel or proof of outgoing travel) is basically proof that you will be leaving the country you’re temporarily travelling to. In other words, you won’t be overstaying illegally.

Can you book a flight without a return date?

An open-ended airline ticket is a flight ticket which has no set date for the return leg of the flight, giving you the flexibility to return whenever you’d like with no set date.

Do you need a return ticket to enter a country?

It’s not necessary to have a return ticket but it’s good to have a proof of onward travel which means any proof that you’re going to leave the country before your Visa expires it could be a flight to another country (think the cheapest flight out) or a bus ticket out.

Can I convert my tourist visa to work visa in Singapore?

You cannot work in Singapore on a tourist visa. Your employer needs to apply for a valid work visa for you to be able to work here.

Can I search job on tourist visa in Singapore?

No, you are not supposed to job search while in Singapore as a tourist, where one is a Visitor on Short Visit for Social Purposes. The government of Singapore views social purposes as visiting families, friends, relatives and for tourism.

How much bank balance is required for Singapore visa?

It must indicate a balance of INR 30,000/- per person. It must be of your savings bank account for last 3 months.