Quick Answer: Can I get H 1B visa from India without a degree?

As an applicant without a degree, you can petition under the specialty occupation or fashion model subcategories, provided you have the requirements to supplement the lack of a degree in your field.

Is degree mandatory for H-1B visa?

H-1B visa eligibility and application

Depending on the field, the candidate must possess a minimum of a bachelor’s degree, its equivalent, or 12 years of specialized work experience.

Can you get H1B without a degree?

If you are trying to qualify for an H1B visa without a degree you will need proof of your qualifications. Typically this means proof of your qualifying experience. … This means that each year of qualifying experience must be supported by detailed experience letters from former/current employers.

Can you get a visa without a degree?

One gets a job visa if an employer offers them a job. There is NO requirement for a degree simply to get a standard work visa.

Can I go to US without degree?

Yes, many people without degree have migrated to US through a US lottery program conducted in the countries like Nepal , Bangladesh , Pakistan and few others. Lot of people without degrees migrated to US through family sponsorships.

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How can I sponsor H1B visa from India?

6 ways to find an H1B Visa Sponsor for 2021

  1. Look for a Job in the H1B Visa Sponsors Database.
  2. Apply for the Job and Get an Offer.
  3. Find an Internship.
  4. Look for Boutique Consulting Companies.
  5. Look for Global Consulting Companies.
  6. Find a Job at a US University.

Can I get an e3 visa without a degree?

The E-3 position in the U.S. must require a Bachelor’s degree as part of the role. Most trade-like positions in the U.S. won’t require an applicant to possess a degree, and therefore they cannot qualify for the E-3.

How can I get H-1B visa from India to USA?

How can I apply for H1B Visa from India? Your company has to file a H1B Visa petition for you with the US Department of Homeland Security. Once the petition is approved, you can apply for the required Visa at the US Consulate or Embassy located in India.

What are Speciality occupations for H1B?

These specialty occupations include:

  • IT / Computer professionals.
  • University professors and teachers.
  • Engineers.
  • Healthcare workers.
  • Accountants.
  • Financial analysts.
  • Management consultants.
  • Lawyers.

What are the H-1B visa requirements?

Hold a U.S. bachelor’s or higher degree required by the specialty occupation from an accredited college or university. Hold a foreign degree that is the equivalent to a U.S. bachelor’s or higher degree required by the specialty occupation from an accredited college or university.

How can I get H1B job?

H1B visa sponsorship:

An employer can accept a non-immigrant by hiring them for an H-1B visa to work in the United States. The worker must have at least a bachelor’s degree (or the equivalent in their country) and the position they are applying for must involve the use of specialist skills.

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What is H-1B visa USA?

The H-1B visa is a nonimmigrant work visa that allows U.S. employers to hire foreign workers for specialty jobs that require a bachelor’s degree or equivalent. This can include occupations in fields such as IT, finance, engineering, architecture or more.

What is H-1B visa lottery?

The H-1B visa is a temporary or nonimmigrant U.S. visa for foreign nationals seeking temporary entry into the United States for employment in specialty occupations. Applicants are selected for adjudication via lottery and are subject to a cap on the number of visas that will be approved.