When should I apply for visa 485?

Time is of the Essence. To apply for a Temporary Graduate Subclass 485 visa, you must lodge your application within 6 months of course completion. The “completion date” is the date you are notified of your final results. Many students get confused thinking the date of graduation is the critical date.

Can I apply for 485 visa after 6 months?

First of all, you can only apply for your 485 visa after you have completed your course of study and not before. … Next you must absolutely apply within 6 months of completing your course.

Can I apply for 485 visa by myself?

Like any visa, you can apply by yourself, however, you must ensure that you have all the documents you need prior to lodging or you may be refused. The subclass 485 visa has a number of documents that must be provided at the time you apply.

Does 485 visa get rejected?

Other Reasons Why 485 Visas Are Refused

There other mains reason why your 485 visa will be refused is that you have failed to meet the English Language test evidence requirement at the time of application or you have failed to meet the requirement to provide evidence of your police check.

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How long is 485 visa?

485 visas granted under the Graduate Work Stream are valid for 18 months from the date of grant. Post Study Work Stream (PSWV) visas can be valid for between 2 and 4 years from the date of grant, depending on the type of qualification completed.

Can you get visa 485 twice?

Can you apply for 485 twice? You cannot apply for the Temporary Graduate (subclass 485) visa twice. … It is important that you meet the ‘Australian Study Requirement’ (2 years study in Australia) to ensure you are eligible to be granted a SC485 visa.

How can I get PR after 485 visa?

485 visas to permanent residency by skilled independent visas

  1. have a relevant occupation on the 189 occupation list (MLTSSL)
  2. have a suitable skills assessment for the occupation.
  3. Lodge an EOI and be invited to apply.
  4. meet the points test pass mark of 65 points (as of 1 July 2018)
  5. Be aged between 18 and 44 inclusive.

What documents do I need for 485 visa?

485 Visa Document Checklist – For Post Study Work Stream Applicants

  • Essential Forms. Application Form – apply online through ImmiAccount. …
  • Identification Documents. 2 recent passport sized photographs of each person included in the application. …
  • Evidence of Skills and Qualifications. …
  • Health and Character.

How many hours can I work on 485 visa?

If they then transition back onto a student visa, they can only work for 40 hours per fortnight. If the student continues working full time for Employer A, they will be in breach of visa conditions.

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Can I apply 485 visa without IELTS due to Covid?

Students who have finished their courses and are eligible to apply for the 485 visa are facing difficulty in organizing their English tests (IELTS and PTE) as they have been cancelled by the test centres so it is advised to plan ahead to take the test.

What can I do after 485 visa expires?

485 Visa expired, what to do?

  1. Plan six months in advance if you want to reapply.
  2. Ensure that you cleared graduation or post-graduation from an Australian institution and completed a 2-year stay in Regional Australia.
  3. You cannot apply for the post-study stream if you completed studies from Sydney, Brisbane, or Melbourne.

Why is 485 visa taking so long?

However, there can be several reasons for which the 485 visa processing time can get delayed without any valid reason. … Incomplete or erroneous completion of certain formalities in relation to your visa. Submission of erroneous documents to your concerned immigration department.

Is I-485 a green card?

Form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status, is used to apply for a green card. But not anybody can file Form I-485. Eligibility for Form I-485 depends on several factors. Physical presence in the United States through lawful means is one of the most fundamental requirements.

Can I apply for 190 while on 485?

Skilled visas (489, 190, 189 visa): … The work experience you gain in your time on the 485 visa can help you increase your points for the points based visas namely the Skilled Independent 189 visa, State Sponsored 190 visa, the State Regional Provisional 489 visa.

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Do I need English for 485 visa?

Indeed, you need to take the IELTS or its equivalent test to get your Subclass 485 and stay longer in Australia to further study and work.